Crunching the numbers for YouTube’s political videos.

YouTube’s Town Hall channel lets people vote on the issues that matter most. Every week, politicians from both sides of the aisle post video responses to user-submitted questions. Visitors can watch two videos head-to-head and vote on their favorite. Party affiliation is hidden until after the vote to get the public listening to ideas rather than thinking along party lines.

YouTube asked Design Theorem to produce an infographic highlighting the results of the public vote. In two months of existence, YouTube’s town hall received 50 videos viewed a cumulative 1.3 million times. Some of the most interesting data surfaced when we combed through the town hall transcripts to find the words most often used by each party. For example, while addressing the topic of Afghanistan, Republicans talked about “progress,” “withdrawal” and “success,” whereas Democrats talked about “war,” “mission” and “security.”